The Shit I Do To Make Y’all Look Fly: Summer16 tour Day 3 (and 4..) in Japan (Vic Edition)


If you know Chris then you would know that his favorite spot to stay at in Tokyo is hands down APA hotel which is located conveniently up the hill from the famous Shibuya crossing and generally where we stay at when we travel for work in Tokyo. Surprisingly it's actually a really practical spot to stay at if you don't mind the small rooms.

But you know what made it even better? Directly across the street is a super dope coffee stand called About Life. The offer everything you need to jump start your day. If you go early enough you can grab a few of there pastries that seem to sell out within hours.

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You know your boy was there daily....


After my daily fix I headed over to my favorite Katsu spot.. Tonkatsu Maisen in Aoyama for the third time this trip (don't judge me).


If you ever been to any of Visvim Trunk Show you would have met Kazuya. Dude will drop knowledge on you about anything Visvim. This guy is always busy so I had to take up his offer when he wanted to grab lunch before I headed back to LA.

Happy little family!



A few blocks down is the Goros's store. On the daily there are over 100 people waiting in line from early AM till closing just to get a chance to be able to get in and purchase whatever they can. NO OTHER BRAND has the hype that Goro's does.. not even Yeezy. But if you don't know.. now you know.


Had to pick up a few new pieces to add to the collection..


Next stop.. GINZA. I ended up meeting up with homie Tsubasa from NBHD and rolled with him to The Park-Ing Ginza which is another temporary pop-up similar to The Pool Aoyama by Hiroshi Fujiwara.


Im too big to fit anything here but if your in shape they offer exclusive items from a handful of different brands with new projects happening monthly. Currently they have collaborations with Vanquish, FPAR, Off-White, MEDICOM, Bonjour Records & there own in house brand.








Tons of vintage The Smiths product for sale with outrages prices.


Made a pit stop for some grub at a random spot in an alley around the corner from the train station. The "Ginza" experience as Tsubasa says. Wish we had quick cheap spot like this back in LA.




Leave it up to me to get lost on the train ride home. One job and I exited the wrong stop and ended up being late to dinner.

Last meal before my 10 hour flight back to LA.

This Shabu Shabu restaurant is one of Chris's favorite spots to eat in Tokyo. Can't blow up the spot but if you really want to know.. just ask Chris's whenever you see him.

The REAL secret sauce..


LIVE squid and octopus..


Fresh sliced raw pork.. swished for a few seconds then wrapped around some kimchi then dipped in those sauces.. AMAZING!


If you are still hungry at the end.. they'll make you risotto or ramen in the broth that you cooked the meat and vegetables in. Even if your not hungry, get it, its life changing...



#RarephotoofTomoki and his sweet lady Arisa. Thanks for always being the best hosts in town!


Thats it folks! See ya'll back in LA..

  • - Vic