The Shit I Do...To Make Ya'll look Fly (Paris Summer 2013) Day One.

Chris Gibbs Diary


Sorry it's been so long. I've been grinding. Basically haven't been home in a month (more on that later). Finally got home, got caught up with work and had five minutes to sit down and spill the beans on my know

...the shit I do to make y'all look fly.

As I always say, better late than never! So without further adieu? Heeeere we go!

First Night in Paris. Some one got a warm welcome? We passed this telephone booth and someone's purse was all open, credit cards out, passport out in the open, shit everywhere. Shit is no joke out here. Big city forward a couple nights later, Vic almost got his Rolex taxed by some kid on the street.

Stop to get a quick bite to eat. We decided to eat at this Spanish spot in our hood which is usually good...but we kind of forgot it was the night that Spain played service was sus all night. Good thing they won, or dessert might have been a problem.

A little night time stroll to fight the jet lag....before we tuck in and got ready for Fashion Week...

....ok Day the quiver to see what selections we will make?

Hirst Chucks it is....brings new meaning to the term do the curtains match the rug?!

Yo Damian (I'm talking to you Bullock)....don't try this at home. Don't choke your kicks like I might get hurt.

Lucas D Meier in the building rocking the, soon to be in stores OAMC Heschung lows...

On our way to the Junya Show. "On Y Va!"

Le Bastille...


Paris Parking at it's finest!

Not scared of a little my Born X Raised Scarf to protect my neck!

Rickay!!!!!! Our boy manager of the Chelsea CDG store, chillin. Mixing it up with a little I-Preme. I in your seat? FUCK OFF...

The Sartorialist (sp?) taking a rare break.

On with the show....

After Junya, on to the next but first a quick test shot...

Ryno, chilling with his new Vapor cigarette...

Next up...Visvim, what up Richard!

Nakamura Son in the we are comparing authentic vintage workwear notes....guess who won?

Ha! I made a so crazy!!!

Next up...the man, the myth the legend...Marcelo Burlon....looking good mang!


...oh and who else was in the place to be...your boy Virgil! Pyrex, Not For Sale? Don't know yet...we'll keep you posted...

Not sure what gang signs Marcelo was throwing up? One thumb to the east, the other to the west...maybe "MIDWEST BABY"?

Last stop for the day. My new project has been working with my best friend Luke, along with Matthew and Arnaud on a new line from the house of Carhartt WIP. OAMC Over All (play on words referring to the seminal Overall that Carhartt makes) Master Cloth (that's what Carhartt used to call the duck canvas they invented, it's Mastercloth). Yeah I know and truth is we weren't high at all when we came up with this name.

Anyways we have started a new arm to the company. Our version is a modern take on workwear. AKA. "New Work". Be on the look out for our fall collection in stores soon. Don't sleep!

The squad! Look at Luke. He is so French now...champagne in the streets! I bet he eats escargo every night and shit... of these shoes just doesn't belong here? Had to take it back to the streets this summer. Represent my sneaker head roots, you know! Not to mention, repping for Lebron and his second chip! Sorry Haters, but good ball is good ball...

Ryno showing of his exclusives! Parabellum Key Chain.


Well that was our first day....stay tuned for day 2.