The Shit I Do To Make Y'all Look Fly (Missing Japan File).

Chris Gibbs Diary

Peace Ya'll

I realized I forgot to put this one up from my last trip to Japan, which was...last month?

Ah well, better late than heeeeeeeere we go!

Once upon a time not long ago, where people wore kimonos and lived life slow...Nah, just kidding, last month I hopped over to Tokyo for a couple of meetings...quick trip.

First stop Comme Des Garcons to view the Homme line. There were a couple really dope pieces. Here is a quick peek...

Next season we will bring Ganryu in for the first time. I am really excited. Really cool shit!

After CDG I went and checked out the new Visvim "Indigo Camping Trailer" store. Pretty cool

For dinner I met up with the Thug (Thugmoki) at HIS favorite Pizza spot. Isa Pizza.

The Thug was embarrassed to be with me...

Still Embarrassed...

Next day I had a long ass meeting with the fellas at Neighborhood. On my way to their secret hide out, I saw this weird gallery.

Weird name?!

Next up Neighborhood.

Had to check out the latest whips...Shin tells me these are all real bullet holes. He says that these were all bank robber cars from the 30's/40's. He told me that bank robbers used to send letters to Ford Motor Co. to thank them for making such a fast car that could out run the PO PO.

I got to see some of the other bikes they were working on too..

I think this is the Chevy Police car that the Ford was out running...

Break for favorite OG Harajuku chicken cutlet spot! My shit!

Tomoki preferred this?

After two hard days of work, where I was almost in the air longer than I was in Tokyo...I hit up the onsen before flying out the next day. This was a rare week night where no one was there so I got to sneak my camera in. Onsen's (Hot springs) like this are very traditional and OG. You have to bath nude and you are not allowed to take pics...not even allowed in if you have tattoos...kind of craze. Anyways, I snuck a couple pics... For those who care...Onsen's are where Bape got their name from "A Bathing Ape in Luke Warm Water" is the full name of the line. Reffering to the onsen's up north where people often bath with apes in the same hot this picture:

Here are my Apes though, sorry...

Arisa ready for sleep...

Weird "Anime/Porn" elevator. Only in Japan.

Brought home a little gift for myself...


D Yout's. and before you knuckle heads complain about them wearing Lakers Jersey's....The YMCA league out here is called Lakers...ok. They have no choice.