The Rage After: Earl Sweatshirt at H.O.B. Or The Gonzo of Fersher

Images, Experiences and Raging by the RAGE-God: Sagan Lockhart aka Fersher

Our dear friend Sagan aka Fersher goes harder than almost anyone in the City of Angels, here he continues his wild forays into the world of Gonzo-Raging, and often times

that keeps him safely imbedded within the DNA of some of the most randomly interesting places and spaces. This go round, he was supporting his dear amigo Earl, who had some

very hard work ahead of him: making an L.A. crowd get off their ass and move. Here's the photo evidence.


Backstage the homie Lee enjoys texting a sultry, cold-to-the-touch can of PBR. Meanwhile young Kev can't be mad at that.


Backstage at the House of Blues. Oh the seriousness of it all...


Lee enjoys some alone time. Peace time. Quiet time. Smokey time. Prepping for the rage to come. 004 005

Nakel Smith (far L), and Tyler the Creator (M), join forces for the viewing pleasure of a very thirsty L.A. crowd


Earl and Nakel create the circle.

007 008 010

Earl Sweatshirt feeling strong once again. Cali kids feeling really fortunate to bear witness. 009 011

The spirits of Naomi and Mac Dre aka Ronald Dreagon oversea this mellow, after-RAGE scene. So calm, so serene.


Lee Spielman salutes you, and asks that the next time you come to Cali, you go #MEGA...


Scene kids. Keep going full #RAGE out there...

DSC_6148 To follow the exploits of Sagan Lockhart aka Fersher, just fucking do it.