The Official John Elliott X Doctor Woo Union Collection

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PEACE YO! A super special release for Y'all this Saturday, December 16th, with none other than Los Angeles locals John Elliott and Dr. Woo. We teamed up with some true legends for this one...This Saturday, December 16th from 11am to 4pm we will be having our official launch event for the capsule. Going down at the shop, 110 S La Brea 90036. John Elliot and Woo will be hanging from 12:30 - 2:30 so be sure to swing by say what's up and shop the collection. You know the deal... food, drinks and music by none other than Brendan Fowler.

We were really excited to see this collection come together in full. The capsule features four pieces all customized wit Dr. Woos artwork. The collection includes a Washed out Heavy weight Oversized Jersey, A super Duty Tough Work Heavy weight Pullover Hoody, Custom “union” fit denim jeans and Jean Jacket all with iconic Woo art subtly applied. Don’t Front! DOPE! The only word that truly describes the capsule collection we did here. We truly collaborated on this one; looked to JE for the clean lines, amazing fabrics and great construction. Looked to Woo for his amazing hand drawn styles and Union, well we were the glue… Woo says "Having had Union, and Chris Gibbs, the genius, as a cornerstone in defining the most elite and tasteful men’s style, being asked to participate and contribute to creating this project was a no-brainer. On top of that, The other side of this creation was with John Elliott whos craftsmanship and attention to detail, is always ahead of the game. His clean structure and construction with the highest grade fabrics was always something I admired from the company. I was lucky to have a creative take with these two geniuses in a tasteful way, making what I do a little more tangible and showing the quality and aesthetic I strive to uphold with everything I am a part of." John Elliott added, "This is probably my favorite collaboration I have ever done. Coming from someone who shopped Union for years, it comes full circle for me going from exploring Union as a customer to working with a store I really look up to. It’s a big deal. The capsule goes back to the original vision Chris sent over. It was a true collaboration in the sense that we worked in tandem through every step of the process. The final pieces are not represented in our collection - everything from the heavyweight brushed terry to the new denim fit was custom developed. Our brand doesn’t typically do external branding, and to be able to explore that through the lens of Dr. Woo, who is an amazing artist and has become a friend, was the perfect opportunity to explore that in a really meaningful way."

We look forward to seeing you all at the launch event, this Saturday. A special shout out to Dr. Woo for giving us the official wear test of the collection take a look at the rest of our preview below.