The Domino Effect Podcast

Chris Gibbs Diary


Since moving out to LA I have met a lot of dope heads. My first month here, I remember seeing this guy come in the store and act like he owned the place. He did it so well, I thought he must be a big shot out here and went with the flow??? Talking, shit, talking loud...but a funny mother fucker for sure...

For one reason or another we were never really introduced but every time I would go out (this is back when I used to go out a lot, in the time before kids...), I would see this dude and his crew. They were at all the right parties and seemed to know EVERYONE!!! Again, always talking loud, always talking shit.

Not sure how we ended up linking for sure, or even when but today I consider this dude a real friend. I think we solidified our relationship when he overheard me talking shit about a dominoes game and invited himself in on one of the games that I host. Needless to say the mother fucker talked mad loud and talked mad shit (which is a prerequisite for dominoes) and as much as it hurts me to say this...he's a bad mother fucker when it comes to playing dominoes, I can't front.


Bout a year ago or so he took his loud talking, shit talking talents and put em to use, and what better way to put those skills to use than on a Podcast and coincidently the name of the podcast is The Domino Effect.


You can hear Teron and his boys talk mad shit on hip hop (and "trust me daddy" they know their shit)!

You can find em live every Thursday at 9 pm EST on THE CUT on Dashradio

or check out on Itunes or Soundcloud.

Here is episode 35...maybe one day yours truly will go explain my Stars Wars theory of Hip Hop...basically Biggie Smalls plays the role of Darth Vader...but I digress...

A comprehensive, candid, and sometime comedic conversation between friends about multiple topics, primarily hip-hop; the people, the culture, the music, and it’s collective effect on our lives, past, present and future. Listeners are given an invite to the player’s table, to listen and participate in the most honest conversation about this thing we love. Punches won't be pulled, feelings might get hurt, and shit will definitely be talked, but the truth will not be compromised. Come prepared, Big 6 to the board, it’s ten to get in, and watch your hand because it’s DOMINO MAF*CKA!