Texas Triangle

Be it non-fiction or fiction, we love a good story over here at Union. But we especially love hearing, seeing, and discovering stories about the everyday lives of ordinary folks around the world. Getting a peep into the lives of others, grasping a small understanding of what they are surrounded by, what fills their minds and hearts... the ingredients that make them who they are. If you don't know about The LBM Dispatch, now you know. It is "an irregularly published newspaper documenting the North American rambles of photographer Alec Soth and writer Brad Zellar." The Minneapolis Star Tribune sums up The LBM Dispatch perfectly... "If ever journalism and poetry can intersect, this must be the place." Check out excerpts from Issue #6, shot in the Lone Star State between November 19 through December 3... DSC00895 DSC00896 DSC00897 DSC00898 DSC00899 DSC00900 DSC00901 DSC00902 DSC00903 DSC00904