Ten C In The Place To Be!

That's right, its finally here. NEW STYLES... NEW COLORS.. WHAT?! Back in Fall/Winter 2010, we introduced a new amazing line from Italy, Ten C. It did so well the first time, we brought it back for another season. If you don't already know, Ten C was founded by two ex pats from Stone Island. This is a fabric that they R & D'd . It is breathable, waterproof and is a knit nylon/poly blend. The fabric has an amazingly smooth Sateen like hand feel and patina's with wear. This time around we brought in two new styles and color, the Snow Smock and the Peacoat in a taupe color. We also restocked on the Anorak and the Dress Jacket in different colors from last time. We are offering two new liners that will fit into any of Ten C jackets, One is a quilted nylon liner and the other is sheep skin shearling and quilted nylon. Scoop em here!