Tantum Crack JUST IN!

The CRACK is back. Everyone has been blowing up our phones here at Union about when the next batch of tees will arrive and here it is.. for your purchasing pleasure! We got in a few different styles and colors for everyone to choose from. Tantum Nepali Pocket Tee-3 Tantum Nepali Pocket Tee Tantum Nepali Pocket Tee-5 3 Tantum Paisley Pocket tee Tantum Paisley Pocket Tee-3 Tantum Serengeti Pocket Tee Tantum Serengeti Pocket Tee-3 Tantum Southwear Navajo Pocket Tee-4 Tantum Southwest Navajo Pocket Tee Tantum Tzute Pocket Tee-3 Tantum Tzute Pocket Tee