Sunday Morning Jazz: The Cats


Johnny Coltrane

One of the more under the radar albums from one of the biggest names in jazz in perhaps the greatest year for recorded music (1957) . What makes The Cats so

special is that it is a time capsule of Detroit jazz. Many jazz artists called Detroit home during the 1950's (albeit for brief amounts of time) and amongst those

musicians were Coltrane himself. On The Cats, he teams with Detroit jazz greats Kenny Burrell, Tommy Flanagan, Doug Atkins, and Louis Hayes. The Cats is a

seminal hard-bop album, and a great piece of Midwestern jazz. There is a strong symmetry at play between all of the musicians here. Coltrane was freshly departed

from his time with Miles Davis, and his playing is very energetic and youthful. This would be the last he would record for the New Jazz label. Enjoy it on this Sunday

morning in its entirety wherever you may be...