Sunday Morning Jazz: Super Sonic Jazz

Words and thoughts by Thomas Sebastian Galasso maxresdefault

I can never go on enough about the genius of Sun Ra. i was obsessed with thise dude for much of my teen years and early adulthood. He did his own thing, and took his career into his own hands in an era when being a Black man was rebellious enough. Super Sonic jazz was the second ever full length release from Sun Ra, and the first release on his very own El Saturn imprint. Sun Ra and his business partner Alton Abraham started the El Saturn label themselves and would drop a total of three albums during the 1950's. Part of what makes that little nugget of info even more interesting is the fact that (especially in this age of limited vinyls and stuff like RSD) they would make as few as 75 pressings of each album, and sometimes even less than that. The records were manufactured using Black owned businesses (again ahead of the curve i many ways), and were released with little to no advertising. Super Sonic Jazz would later have a second life thanks to the always daring, and progressive Impulse! label who would reissue it in 1974 along with new artwork and a new title (Super Sonic Sounds). Obviously by now many original Sun Ra albums are astronomical when it comes to pricing, but the intention around these releases is as pure as it ever was. Enjoy the cosmic aura and soundscapes of the man born Herman Blount wherever you are on this Sunday morning...


1974 Impulse! reissue of Super Sonic Jazz (retitled Super Sonic Sounds) with alternate artwork