Sunday Morning Jazz: Elevation

Words and thoughts by Thomas Sebastian Galasso Deutsches_Jazzfestival_2013_-_Pharoah_and_the_Underground_-_Pharoah_Sanders_-_05

The final album for the iconic Impluse! label. Elevation was culled together from live tracks from an Ash Grove (Los Angeles) performance in 1973, and one track

recorded in the studio. One of the themes that remains present in Sanders work is Black unity. Transcending time, space, and negativity were central themes in jazz

from the mid 60s through the mid 70's before the medium changed and became more pop oriented. Sanders is always an interesting case study not only because of

the impact his music would have, but the spiritual implications behind it.

Strong African rhythms and musicianship that touches upon the esoteric, the mystical while creating a glow of positivity, and spiritual awareness that can be enjoyed

by all. Its hard not to listen to his genius and not be moved. One of the things I have always loved about Sanders work, especially when compared to other jazz

musicians is the tolerance for other ideals, and the astral machinations that would ooze through the speakers of the stereo.

There are very few musical entities that can come with 100,00 yards of the genius, heart, soul and purpose of Sanders. He is a gift to this world. Enjoy his influence

on this Sunday wherever you are...