Sunday Morning Jazz: Journey To Satchidananda


One of the true jazz legends that would emerge during the latter portion of the 1960's as a bandleader. Alice Coltrane was one of the few harpists in the jazz world. Her music has influenced many psychedelic rock artists during the 1960's and 70's as well as psych revisionists from the 00's. Coltrane's music has been described by many as psychedelic, which we feel most jazz is regardless of era. Psychedelic means "mind expanding"and its more than a look. Coltrane's brilliance allowed her to make mind expanding music that utilized elements of East Indian music, as well as African music. Her influence is heard all over electronic, and hip hop. Often sampled, yet never duplicated. Enjoy one of the her 1970 album Journey in Satchidananda jazz giants as she is joined by her late husband's friend and former collaborator saxist Pharoah Sanders. Enjoy the magic of Alice Coltrane on this Sunday wherever you are...