Sunday Morning Jazz : Fuse The Soul

freddie_hubbard Soul and jazz. Some feel the two are different and have no place in togetherness. The astroplane knows no divide when it comes to the power of jazz (which is the soul) . The term "Soul music" is a essentially a construct put in place to separate creativity and cut music and culture into tiny party favor-like finger food. We don't want to encourage separation, we want to encourage the power of art, the power of you and yours, wherever you may be on this Sunday morning. Many jazz artists in the late 60's pursued the fusion of then mainstream soul music into their musical trip, this would continue into and through the 1970's altering jazz landscapes forever. Many so-called jazz purists turned their backs on key figures during this time. Enjoy tracks from cosmic heroes Freddie Hubbard, Stanley Turrentne, Billy Cobham, and Sonny Sharrock. Keep it cosmic...