Sunday Morning Jazz : Ju Ju

Archie Shepp Yasmina 2 Another Sunday is upon us. That means more music. We start the morning off with a killer track from Archie Shepp off his 1967 album The Magic of Ju Ju. Shepp was one of those jazz musicians that stirred the pot so to speak. He was a part of the free generation, or free jazz as some like to call it. Shepp made music that was original, cosmic, unique, and for some even confrontational. Free jazz was a lot of things, it was the ultimate in musical rebellion even more so than rock. Jazz historians, and so-called purists were enraged by what men like Shepp and labels such as ESP-Disk, Impulse, and Actuel were creating and supporting. Shepp was many things including a poet, and a published playwright and he without question was known for speaking his mind and did so on an albums such as Yasmina. Many jazz musicians were, during this time, pushing boundaries musically and socially, this is what their music was about. Do your own research, learn about Shepp, and the other musicians featured on this Sunday Morning Jazz. Tracks from Les McCann, Joe Henderson, and the always classy Art Blakey and his Jazz Messengers. Enjoy this Sunday wherever you may be...