Sunday Morning Jazz : San Francisco (Alone)

CS525956-01A-BIG To be alone. To experience the peace of psyche, harboring thoughts of being, and dreams of other worlds. What is it to be and feel (like the only one sometimes)? The necessity of control is truly not a necessity, but more of a pacifier for the bored and the restless. Thelonius Monk realized this as he recorded for two days in San Francisco's Fugazi Hall in 1959 creating one of the landmark jazz pieces of the late 50's. Monk marched to the beat of his own drummer so-to-speak, he made non-creative types uncomfortable with his physical antics, and unique speech patterns, all the while consistently recording some of the most influential music of the 20th century. Music that is still relevant , and still finding its way into modern worlds. Enjoy a trip through the astroplane by digging into the masterful Thelonious Alone In San Francisco album in its entirety. Stay cosmic and dream of San Francisco (whether you are there or not) ...