SUMMER VACATION...part deux.

After and the fam drove down to NYC for a lickle mix of biz and pleasure. We wanted to see all of our friends and family on the east coast while also trying to do NYC market week (not the best idea I've ever had). First stop Angelo's BDAY BBQ in upstate NYC. Jake Davis in full effect! Rafael stalking anything with a hearbeat... My man Will whom my youngest son Ishmael looks uncomfortably too much like? Early the next morning I went on all showroom visits...first stop Stone Island. SI is doing some cool shit starting this season they include spec sheets on all of their pieces Illy!! They have a super dope reflective jacket coming out in Spring...this is all I had to order from (the things I do in order for yall to look fly???). One of my favorite pieces of the season. Next stop...Nigel Caborn. I have been wanting to bring this line in for a while but never could get my shit together. I think we are finally gonna make it happen... Our number one customer was doing quality control on my buy. He always like to point out where I fuck up. Here he is trying some new shit... Next up, we had a little down time with the kids... BROOOKLYN....say what you want but brooklyn kids no how to have fun in a hot summer. Here the kids had a blast and they made a "make shift" water slide by pouring water down a conventional slide....this would never go down in LA. Too much fun. Brooklyn!!! Bedstuy!!! Reagan is the president but I voted for Shirley Chisholm. Not to get all serious on you mother fuckers but this was a great woman! Read her bio here, it's kind of awesome and she was Bajan!!!! JUMP! Brother D and the kids actin a fool. Peace NYC Next up...part 3...Tokyo.