So for those of you who check up on our blog on the regs, you may have noticed some "dead air". Our apologies, between me being in 4 countries in 4 weeks and us doing some maintenance on our site we just had to take a break. Call it a summer vacation. Well, we are back up and running and I thought I would catch you up on the goings on over the past three weeks.... First stop Canada (the place I was born). My mum lives in a small town called Kingston but first we flew into Toronto. AKA the T-Dot. CN Tower, Blue Jazy, Black Jays, Justin Beiber. You know the deal!!! It was the middle of summer, really hot and know what that means for Candians...Hockey!!! I went and watched my best friend from high school play in a men's league. They had 4 rinks and they were all full at 11 o'clock at night in the middle of July. Craze! Canadians love hockey?! Next stop Mont Real! For those of you who don't know...Montreal was a very early settlement of the America's. It has a rich history. One part of that history is that it has an old Jewish population. FACT. Montreal, not NYC has the best Begals. FACT. Montreal not NYC has the best smoked meats. Check for yourself. One of the OG spots is a place called Scwartz's. Then we went next door to an ill spanish coffee spot, where they had, hands down, no word of a lie the best ice cream I have ever had. oh yeah....french canadians love Michael Jackson. There was a vintage store that seemed to specialize in MJ shit. Back in the day Montreal was like the social center of Canada. Even though it was mainly french speaking, there was a large english part too. In the 80's Quebec (the french part) threatened to brake away from Canada (this is always happening cause the french part of Canada hate's being Canadian. The license plate for Quebec says "Je Me Souviens", which means I will remember...I think they are remembering something wack the english speaking Canadians did to them but I don't know what...who cares!). in the 80's all the english speaking heads bounced leaving behind this neighborhood called wesmont where all the homes look english and all the signs are in english...kinda cool. This is the view from there. The fam! kids hate boring tourist shit...don't take them with you, they will ruin your high (Exclusive kids tantum...peep game!) My can't see them too well but he is wearing visvim chino's. WHAT UP! Pierre Troudeau was like Canada's JFK. Everybody loved him and he partied like a rock star in the 70's. He would go to studio 54 and get coked out on the weekends and them come back home and make up laws....we think this was his house...or I just made that shit up? ....oh he was french. my youngests nickname is spider. here he is standing in front a 3 wheeled motorcycle from Canada called a spider (we were bored). My dad says that here in the US we are eating up these 3 wheeled motorcycles and that Canada can't make enough of them...go figure? That's it for stop, next blog...NYC