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In case you didn't know - we've now proudly picked up another native brand of Los Angeles RHUDE. some of you may remember the brand for there heavy impact on clothing in general earlier in 2012-2013 when they released the OG paisley, bandana Tee that everyone and their fucking mom knocked off after the music industry got word of it.

Now that the hype has died down we're happy to pick up RHUDE as their branding presence has become a lot stronger and it has us all pretty impressed.

Here's their recent visual piece that they presented this season for their SugarLand Collection that we're now stocking.

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SUGARLAND is a reflection of youth culture in today’s world - a world that is increasingly defined by the media’s portrayal of politics and war. The story depicts a teenager finding avenues to escape adulthood while being trapped in small town America. RHUDE Spring / Summer 2016 collection is an extension of the film in which young Ryan prepares for the army to break away from his circumstances in the hopes of self fulfillment. SUGARLAND uses fashion as a vehicle to address these conflicts, and tells a story that evokes many of our shared sentiments. tumblr_o0wtzuxtG61r625qwo1_500