Stay Nasty: The EBM of High Functioning Flesh at the Sunday Gallery


A few weekends ago, a great time was had at a very secret location somewhere in L.A. with the music of a futuristic Electric Body Music throwback you may have never

heard about. Let us show you...

HFF 00

The L.A. based indie duo known as High Functioning Flesh bring industrial dance music to the people. With sounds that evoke influences from artists as

diverse as Kraftwerk, Throbbing Gristle, Dilla, Clock DVA, Azymuth and more; HFF bring high energy and cosmic dance vibrations in an era where quality sounds

are needed.

HFF 06

A master at work. Magicians of sound, and expression HFF went above and beyond with their beastWAVE.

HFF 03 HFF 11

Raging like a grown up. Nothing wrong with that. Stay sharp, stay stylish, stay safe, stay focused, stay raging, stay BASED.

HFF 04 HFF 08

The Sunday Gallery is a massive, massive art/performance space located in Echo Park. Its comfortable, with lots of room to dance, lounge, drink, chill

and view art. A throwback to the days of killer loft parties in places like Detroit, New York, Chicago, Toronto, and Berlin. An atmosphere that breeds confidence and expression.

HFF 09

The music of Los Angeles's own High Functioning Flesh was the kind of experience that brought unique individuals together. Wild people, with wild style.

HFF 10

Its hard work getting people to dance in L.A. Crowd participation is a must and HFF has no issues motivating the movement.

HFF 01 HFF 05

Its good to see people going-the-fuck-in! The sound quality was amazing, the dancing was on

point (thanks especially to some loyal fans who understood what shows are about). The

lighting was amazing. Suddenly flying through space seemed possible.

HFF 12

Keep the homie out of the trash can. A friend in need is a friend indeed. The places you can

end up when you decide to enter the beastWAVE. Stay focused.

HFF 13

The Flesh weren't the only cosmic beings playing their music that night/morning. Great sets

from indie projects Doses and Mynx were also spirited and filled with

magic futurism with a hand gently stroking the past.

HFF 02

These days, these times. Stay nasty...

Stay tuned for more on the Electric Body Music of High Functioning Flesh. Their next LP is

due out on the Daius imprint later in the year. #RARE