Soon Come: OAMC Fall/Winter 2014

Chris Gibbs Diary, Editorials


Later this summer OAMC will be releasing their sophomore season. Here is a little sneak peak of the some of my favorite highlights for the season. If you want to see the whole look book please check 'em out at OAMC.

Look out for the fall season of OAMC here at Union next month...

Here's the highlights:

I am not a bubble jacket dude per se, but I am about to become one...this one here is one of my favorite pieces from the collection this season.

White goose down filled, made in Italy, shearling collar on the inside, leather on the outside. Fits amazing, packed with a little less goose to make it more streamlined.

I also love our knit sweater. 100% wool bubble knit sweater with the ill contrast color stripe running down the back, really fresh!

OAMC_FW14_web_Page_02 OAMC_FW14_web_Page_03

Another piece I am really feeling this season is our Sport Parka. We custom made our own camo and had it printed on this beautiful Japanese poly/nylon jersey.

OAMC_FW14_web_Page_10 OAMC_FW14_web_Page_11

Damn! Too much good stuff...We made an oversized wool over coat that I was rocking (the sample) all last winter. This piece is a must have!OAMC_FW14_web_Page_16

We got the inspiration for our Abrasion print pants from the work gloves that have these extra abrasion dots on them to give workers better grip. I love this detail! Colors are great too.OAMC_FW14_web_Page_19

I am really into the long shirt these days and I think we made the perfect fit for this style with the "Studio" shirt, modeled after a painters smock. This one here is an overdyed Real Tree Camo. Sick!OAMC_FW14_web_Page_28 OAMC_FW14_web_Page_29

...last but not least our leather jacket is a truly special piece. Beautiful leather jacket in a rich tan color. This silhouette was modeled after our factory jacket which was one of our best jackets from last season....OAMC_FW14_web_Page_31