Union as of Lately - The Culture clash is getting real


Just incase you live in China or you're too lazy to come through here's a quick look at what the shop currently looks like! Basically, we threw up an entire wall of posters and had the florist homies at "Bloom and plume" make the sickest store installation. Thanks to our manager Rique on his vision, he's taking the shop to whole new levels. The way it's looking now we might just invite people to just come and hang at the shop for no particular reason.

Anyways, Union started in a place where we defined and focused on street-wear to develop it's foundation when it had none. Today our focus is to bring an assortment of sartorial cultures that aren't usually seen in the same light quarters to traverse the original rules of what we call a "Dress Code" today. The Skater says Hi to the Painter, and the Painter introduces Punk to an athlete. If that makes sense you get it if it doesn't you still get it cause that's where we're going.

Also we just hit sale season so head over to the shop or online and grab it quick!


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