Seu Jorge short by our boy Kahlil Joseph

Our boy, director, Kahlil Joseph's does it again. This time he teams up with THE Seu Jorge to do "The Model," Jorge plays one of the most chill men in the world as he strolls deliberately through a mansion in the Hollywood Hills, playing host and sings in smooth, lulling tones. The familiar songs you hear are three covers from the Seu Jorge and Almaz album, "The Model" (Roy Ayers' "Everybody Loves The Sunshine," Martinho da Vila and João de Aquino's "Cirandar" and Kraftwerk's, "The Model"). Along with Jorge, the short features members of Almaz (Lucio Maia and Pupillo from stalwart Brazilian band Nação Zumbi), producer Mario C and keyboardist Money Mark. some of Kahlil's other video's include: SHABAZZ PALACES and an interview with Harris Savides