Science of Cinema : Syd Mead (2019)


Graphic artist Syd Mead discusses his work, and in particular his contribution to Ridley Scott's crowning cinematic achievement as well as thoughts on technology, and its functionary evolution from fiction to reality. images backgrounds computer Mead was one of the top futurist artists of his era, and his work is still amongst the very best there has ever been. Mead is one of those men who has deliberate motives to his art. His work helped create a complex and layered world for Ridley Scott in 1982, a world that is still often imitated on various levels. Mead shares his thoughts. Are you ready? Syd-Mead Times are changing, countries are evolving, technology is bringing us closer together, yet farther and farther apart. Cinema has often dropped hints about what the future might be. Are we living in the future already unbeknownst to ourselves? Are we living a life echoed to us by films and fiction writing from the past?