Science of Cinema : Kogonada's Eyes of Hitchcock

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They have always said the eyes are the window to the soul. Its true to a certain extent. From the cold, lifeless stare of the ultimate villain, to the warm openness of a loved one, or the delicate iris of the innocent. The windows to the soul are there for astral travel. Alfred Hitchcock knew this, and because of this, he was able to pull some of the best career performances from the actors that would star in his films. Often times in mainstream cinema, the unskilled, uncaring, dull performer can be easily found simply through the eyes. Those "actors" who do not know how to feel are guilty of this. Kogonada once again points out the science of classic cinema, much of this science can and should be applied to the films of today. To think, to feel, to see... Alfred-Hitchcock-Wallpaper-9 alfred_hitchcock_north_by_northwest_poster_shop_new poster-dial-m-for-murder1