Union Recap
Some of us Chate'ourselves, some were scared Chate'less at Marmont - a whole lotta crazy chate went down this past weekend in Bungalow 3. Let's get to the point though, Sterling Ruby' Trunk Show was really dope! We absolutely love what he’s doing with his first collection. From his unique dying method to our favorite metal casted art pieces, DO NOT sleep on this collection ya'll. The show was held at Bungalow 3... For those that are unaware of its history, it's the same place the famous comedic actor John Belushi pasted away back in back in 82. A stretch but he checked in on the 28th of February, ours being the 28th of June - fuck it four months off ain't bad. From lights flickering, Vic noticing the clock being upside down at 11:11, to Rique waking up to in the middle of the night to randomly writing down Chateau.... We learned they were the first ones to go if it came down to it. In conclusion the pinnacle of it all was when we realized the Sterling Ruby dress laid across the bed had "Johns Room" printed on the back graphic. Coincident or not, maybe we're a bunch of whimps, the trunk show was no doubt a blast from both sides of the spectrum.