Scanning Through Pages: X-Mannen Och Fenix-Flickan


An old copy of X-men from Sweden found amongst a heap of goodies and oddities.

Xmen 00 Atlantic Specials are very special. Very Rare.

Xmen 01 Character breakdowns and what appears to be a form of spoon feeding to its audience.

Xmen 02 Colors, action, splashing, and some Jean Grey aka Fenix

Xmen 03 Wolverine is killing the game in what appears to be some RRL or Wranglers. The whole X-Mannen crew are pretty dapper.

Xmen 04 The homies realize its time to pay Magneto a visit. He's been raging too hard in his gothic castle.

Xmen 05 Storm found the coolest way to change outfits and be hot for no reason.

Xmen 06 Bros. Just chilling, not really stressing whats going on out there in this crazy world. We love the gear, super flamboyant. Very gnar.

Xmen 07 Nightcrawler wants to break up the party he wasn't invited to.

Xmen 08

Storm bringing her BDSM inspired gear to the party is always a good thing.

Xmen 09 Xmen 10 Xmen 11 Xmen 12 Xmen 13

Somehow Tony Stark joins the fun and games.

Xmen 14 Everyone wants a dragon horse, or whatever. Iron Man had to bow down because it was so rare.