Scanning Through Pages: Avant Garde Magazine


A look through the pages of the final issue of one of coolest, subversive art magazines to emerge from Europe.

Avant Garde 00

In the late 1960's a man by the name of Ralph Ginzburg collaborated with a graphic designer Herb Lubalin on art book/magazine called Avant Garde. The French

publication would last 14 issues between the years of 1968 and 1971. It was a magazine that was popular in certain elitist social circles, as well as popular in the

advertising and fashion world due to its graphic images and what was then considered subversive writing.

Avant Garde 02

Avant Garde featured amazing existential art, often times with themes that touched upon science, and science fiction. One of the reasons this magazine quietly

passed through the hands of American graphic designers, fashion houses and advertising firms was due to the mind expanding imagery.

Avant Garde 03

Avant Garde didn't last very long, but it did have a lasting impact. The font for the magazine's logo was created by Herb Lubalin and would outlast the publication by

becoming a standard font used by many advertising agencies, and later computer programs.

Avant Garde 08

From time to time you may spot some of these issues at thrift shops, flea markets or yard sales. If you see them laying about we highly suggest you take a gander.

One of the main reasons the publication lasted as long as it did was because it was considered an inspiration magazine for those select few who were in the know.

Famously Avant Garde was a known commodity to the world's top fashion photographers, and art directors who found it useful for editorial inspiration.