Union Recap
We're back y'all. Safe to say there are two stories to our teams recent trip to Paris. One being they were hard at work in and out of shows making buys... Simply put, the shit we do to make y'all look fly. But let's not forget about the other end of the spectrum and you can blame Sadie Hawkins for it. First things first, a big shout out to everyone involved making this happen - Spanto, Dr. Woo, Sarah Andelman, Jermaine Kemp, Brock Korsan, and Michael Dupouy. As for the party we'll speak for a majority of the cats that partook. Drunk as hell, sweating up a storm, dancing to sets by our good friends Mathieu Schreyer & No Vacancy Inn, we were all enjoying a dope time across the country. In addition to this post be sure to check out our next one with that classic Sadie Hawkins Born x Raised prom photos. Peace y'all.