Real Or Fake???

Hmmm... the world's first hamburger grown in a lab (yes, we wrote 'lab') was unveiled today in London. WHAAAT?! Apparently muscle cells are harvested from living cattle, then nurtured in a petri dish until they develop into muscle tissue - a.k.a. the meat we eat. The scientists and supporters of "Cultured Beef" claim that this technology will help solve food security issues the world currently faces because "current meat production methods cannot sustainably meet future demand", "research suggests emissions from the production of Cultured Beef would be much lower ", it "needs 99 percent less space than modern livestock farming", and "can be produced without the slaughter of cattle... so they can be reared without the need for intensive farming". HOW ABOUT WE JUST REVISE OUR WASTEFUL MEAT EATING HABITS INSTEAD? This is totally creepy and disgusting. Curious about this process? Read more about it from the makers of Franken-meat. cultured-beef-03 cultured-beef-09