"Good friends" doesn't do justice - might as well call it family. So on that note our brothers from other mothers giving us another set of perfectly shitty class portraits. Real Bad Man is back with Season 3! The collection also known as, DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH, features a handful of heavy hitters zonked out or just over it - cheers to how wack picture day was growing up. If you scroll down you can catch Blu on the verge of knocking out, Alchemist giving us that look we're familiar with if you watch Ancient Aliens, Spanto with the prominent fuck you, even Roc wondering why he decided to show up. The collection includes some dope gear! Up to ya'll if you want to come thru the shop and check it out or click here to hit the site for it. Peace ya'll. Stay Zonked Art Direction: Real Bad Man | @real_bad_man Photographer: Richard Brooks | @picturesinthemail