Product Highlight: Union + OAMC Exclusive


Young Julian continues his drift from the Nowhere editorial wearing our limited edition Union + OAMC collaboration. Comfort, style, and exclusivity define our raglan sleeve woven

shirt . As far as design and function it is a perfect mixture of Europe and America. OAMC with their New-Work aesthetic continue to move the chains so-to-speak by blending

elements of European work wear and high fashion thusly creating a stunning hybrid. By adding our own personal nuances to the piece it becomes something that much more

unique. A piece that works perfectly in virtually any environment.


UNION OAMC 2 OAMC continues to refine and perfect classic styles with their own modern twists, we are proud to be working hand in hand with them and creating high quality pieces that are soon

to be rare. In the meantime let us hope that young Julian finds his way, for it can be a lonely world out there. Stay tuned for more in 2015...