Editorial: It Never Rains (In Southern California...)


Washed over by a brilliant colored flower breeze, the sea of psyche, emotion, the accuracy of creation and style as illustrated with the fashions of Uniform Experiment, Visvim, Rebuild by Needles, Homme Plus by CDG, Acne Standard, and PAA...

Art Direction, Photography, Fashion and Modeling by:


durimel 211

PAA Pleated Cap, ACNE Standard O T-Shirt, Umbrella (models own).

durimel 212

OAMC Studio Shirt (left), Rebuild by Needles 7 Cut Flannel Shirt, CDG Homme Plus Gaberdine Drop Crotch Pant, Mop (models own).

durimel 213

Rebuild by Needles BDU Hooded Coat

durimel 214Uniform Experiment Five Star Oxford Bondage Zip Shirt, Uniform Experiment HBT Bondage Zip Pant, Sophnet. Cable Mix Long Socks

durimel 215

OAMC Sport Parka, Visvim Laureate Hat Mayan (Rabbit)