PRODUCT HIGHLIGHT. friends edition.


OG Union LA staff Edwin came thru. We had him rock some shit for our product highlight:

Visvim FBT Neighborhood BDU Pants Neighborhood Flannel shirt Tantum hat

Thanks Ed.

Also on the block is our boy Mohamed from Paris repping!

WTAPS buds shirt

Cahartt Loyalty Pant

Visvim Zermatt Boot

Shaniqwa and the crew are also in town so we had her take some shots for us too!!! Sheeks Wins Always!!!!

Ryno rocks

Visvim Armiger Boot

NBHD washed denim

Feal Mor Deck Jacket

Feal Mor Vest

Next up Raj

Oliver Peoples Shades

Feal Mor Corduroy Battle Jacket

Feal Mor BD shirt

Neighborhood BDU pant

WTAPS suede chuck