Product Highlight: Adidas Consortium Superstar 10th Anniversary


In 2005 we did the collaboration that has lead to this latest entry to the world of Adidas. The 10th Anniversary of the Consortium/Union sneaker is here.

Purple leather with snakeskin accents was the call of the wild back in 2005. Ten years later the call is brown suede for the upper with the color

continued in the shoe's well (or the toebox). Quite different, quite dope. Times change, we evolve. With those changes an altering in approach and style,

are inevitable, but remaining true to heart is a must.

Union 001 Union 002 2015_2_2_PRODUCT-242 Union 003 2015_2_2_PRODUCT-240 Union 004
"In designing the Superstar we wanted to stay true to what we feel Union is about: Styled. Curated. Unique. Evolving. Fuck-you-to-the-system. Our
intent was to create through a sophisticated yet playful lens. To express that we went camel suede upper to give the shoe a luxurious feeling. We
thought about the psyche of the 80's B-Boy, and the time that he existed in. Just for shits and giggles we allowed the suede to hit the "shell toe" (which
is usually rubber. Once again to give that luxury flip. The OG Adidas had that metallic logo stamp on the heel. We branded our take on this classic with
our "Union Los Angeles" logo. Zigzag stitching the upper just to fuck shit up a bit and buck convention. Adding a pink B-boy lace in normal thickness
for those who want more POP! More Ultra! We thank Adidas for being mega BASED by inviting us to take part in the Consortium program. It is truly an
honor and we are excited and grateful."
-Chris Gibbs