Plate Tectonics Can Be Deadly

March 11, 2011 is a day that should remind us that we are not invincible as human beings. There is a power greater then us out there that can tear us into pieces when it wants to. And that's exactly what happened when a massive earthquake erupted and caused a deadly tsunami wave to rise and slam down on life along the north eastern coast of Japan on 3/11. Today marks the one year anniversary of the major disaster. Many different organizations and people over the course of the past 12 months have come together to support disaster victims through a variety of events and benefits. One that really intrigues us is coming from a group called the "Memory Salvage Project". It is comprised of a group of volunteers that have come together to clean, sort, scan and return any photographs that have been found in the piles of rubble the tsunami left... an arduous task that seems impossible but has been up and running for the last 10 months. From March 8 - 25 some of these photographs will be in an exhibition called the "Lost & Found Project" here in LA. Posters will be available for sale and proceeds will go towards supporting those who are still living in temporary shelters and repairing damaged school property in the town of Yamamoto. Check it out at: Hiroshi Watanabe Studio 8810 Melrose Avenue, 2F, West Hollywood, CA 90069 12pm - 7pm (closed Mon, Tues, and Wed)