Places We Want To Go: Denge

Where the fuck is Denge, right? It's a former Royal Air Force site near Dungeness, England. And why do we want to go there? Because there are these large instruments called acoustic mirrors left over from Britain's 1920-30s national defense strategy that look really cool and seems to be something we need to experience in person. And what are acoustic mirrors? They are concrete structures that were shaped in varying curves and were designed to detect slow moving enemy air crafts before they became visible. This technology became obsolete when war air crafts became faster and when radars were eventually invented. Had we not known what these colossal structures were intended for, we would've thought Donald Judd, Tom Sachs, and some nutty military, science, aerospace engineer collab'd on a project together! Here's a blog that details where you may find listening ears that still exist around England. dungeness10 dungeness-mirror-aerial-ian-ballard-cropped miroir-acoustique-denge-02