Field Tripping: Jungle

Jungle 01

We took a field trip to the Little Tokyo District of Downtown L.A. In our trek we came across a cool shop called Jungle. One of the most intense, and extensive selections of manga, anime, collectibles and all possible related items in Southern California. If nerding out on original action figures ranging from the 1950's to the present is your thing, then this is the place. Hidden at the belly of one of the more anonymous structures in Little Tokyo. As many collectors know, L.A. doesn't have that many specialty shops left. Especially of this magnitude (with a friendly and extremely knowledgeable staff), they even have a really dope sister store (of the same name and in the same mall) devoted to cosplay accessories with a great selection of costumes, wigs, partial costumes, attire, and stuffed animals. Its worth the trip for the vastness of their selection alone. The fact that its located in a somewhat gully portion of a gross, moody, outdated building, beneath shops and a hotel makes it kind of undercover which makes it even cooler. Pure beastWAVE...

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