Partisan - Movie Review


So the other day we just decided to kick back and watch a random movie without searching too deep into reviews, summary, and all the other shit that people write on the net. Thankfully because this movie had a really bad rating on IMDB but we actually enjoyed it enormously. Partisan stars phenomenal actor Vincent Cassel who sort of breeds kids in a closed off area/community with 6-7 other wives to train the children to be assassins around the age of 13. So Cassel receives an assortment of jobs and makes the children do the "dirty work". This is the only time the children leave their secret area. Sounds extreme and kinda cheesy but the story develops so well and uniquely with one of the older sons who becomes curious and slowly turns agains the Father. If it wasn't good we wouldn't be sharing it with you. So yeah!

Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Directed by - Ariel Kleiman

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