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Wasted Youth x Union Pop-Up Recap


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Taking a look back at the last time Verdy visited us at the shop

Girls Don't Cry x Union

How’d you get into creative design? Verdy: I’ve always been a big fan of punk music and had always been around bands, so I started by creating illustrations and flyers for bands. I was equally as interested in the Ura-Harajuku era and its clothing, so I think I combined my inspirations and started creating. What bands have inspired your work? Verdy: Black Flag. Gang Green. For more recent bands, I like Trash Talk. What’s the story behind Girls Don’t Cry? Verdy: I think my style has always been around incorporating my feelings and thoughts of how my days are going about. I spend the most time with my wife, and Girls Don’t Cry was originally a message I printed on a tee and gifted to her to keep her head up and smile. What do you look for in collaboration? Verdy: For Girls Don’t Cry, I only collaborate with brands or stores that my wife likes since it is a message for her. For Wasted Youth, I like to work around cultures like music, skate, punk, sports, etc that I simply like or have influenced me. For collaborations, I look to create outside of my own personal realm, and reach on something that I couldn’t do on my own.

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Peace Y'all

By Niko Delgado