DAY 2 First stop, Place de Vendome where the Comme Des Garcon offices are. Junya Time! But before work, we can check out a quick Opera! Very good season. They are some amazing pieces this year...I will tease you with a couple highlights... And great news for us fat Americans...starting in SS12 Junya will now offer XL's! Yeah! My favorite grampa sweater. Special shout out to look for being the disgruntled fit model every season. Thanks Luke. Sometimes all you got to order from is a swatch and a smile... Best piece of the season in my opinion. This jacket is fire! Duck boots boots. Pokka dots are back...Yo Kwame! I got you... 5 Hours at the showroom looking at clothes might sound like fun, but it's a long day... Next stop, The European Carhartt Showroom. A little 1664 before we start! Sick! Yamaha NS-10 sighting at the office. Cleanest, purest sounding speaker. Aight. 2 brands coming to an end....time for a little R&R. Oh Canada! Errolson (Acronym), Luke (Supreme), Laura (Case-Scenario) and yours truly (union). All Canadians repping the fashion game hard, son! FYI, we are at the Bar La Perle where the famous Galliano/Nazi incident occured. Dinner time. Chateaubriand. I have trying to get the this place for a couple years now. Everytime I come it's booked. Finally made it. This place is rated the 9th best restaurant in the world, the best part is unlike the other 100 top spots...they are affordable and you don't have to wear a suit and tie. 55 Euro tasting menu, what up! side note. This is Luke and Lucie's local restaurant...lucky bastards probably eat here once a week. James Green! 1st: Ceviche. Incredible! 2nd: Frogs legs...not bad... 3rd: Monk Fish 4th:Buliabase...this was awesome! 5th: Tuna Sashimi with 5 different kinds of seaweed and potato chips...yeah, kinda weird but really good! 6th: Some kind of hey smoked fish with carrot reduction, sprinkled with fish eggs on a bed of blah, blah blah....really good! YO! sitting next to us, Team Tres Bien Shop...great minds think alike I guess. back to the food. 7th: Filet Mignon withe some kind of red leaf in a sauce of anchovise and some little berries...the best dish...I wish I could explain all this shit they way the waiter time I will bring a tape recorder. Desert 1: Strawberries and Peas...yup and it was real good! Desert 2: Ice cream with cherries and olives...kinda weird... For a night cap we linked up with the Pain au Chocolat cats at Le Pompon. Goodnight (bon Soirée)! Wake up tomorrow and do it again....