It's that time of year again. Time to head out into the world and see what new fashions are out there. First stop, mens fashion week in Paris. Off the flight and straight to my favorite little lunch spot. Cafe Charlot. Luke and wifey argueing...I'm just hungry! Next stop, my summer house. First show we saw was Dries Van Noten. Really good, even though we were late and missed more than half of the show. Next stop my other summer house. Luke and Wifey...chilling before the Junya Watanabe show. The farmer look was in full force. Overall's all day, everyday. My favorite jacket. I always need a blue jacket in my life. I loved all the shoes, especially the duck boots...too bad it doesn't really rain in LA. Fuck it. I gotta get these!! Me and the wife stop for a break in the park. My other crib in know how we do. RATS! Went by STARCOW...Tantum sighting! Goodies!!! (not to be confused with GOODNESS...comoing soon). You know I loves my watermelon!! Aight. I'm tired...long day...Calgone...take me away.....