Paris Essentials: Chris & Bephie


It's that time of year again...Paris Fashion Week. The team leaves today for a busy week in Paris. Shows, viewings, meetings, no down time. A non-stop week calls for smart packing. There are just some things we can't travel without...

Take a look inside the bags of Union Owners Chris and Beth. Check out some of the travel essentials for this weeks trip. We look forward to seeing you in PARI. PEACE!

  1. Chris' Kapital Hoody: "A must for the plane ride…Keeps me warm when they blast the AC…Keeps the light out my face when I wanna sleep; day or night. Feels like a force shield all other times, it kind of has that ,leave me alone vibe, when adorned properly."
  2. Chris' Birkenstocks: "I am a Birk freak so you would probably catch me wearing these anyways, but they are best to travel with. Easy on/off through airport security. Easy and comfy on the flight. Light to pack. Triple beam, triple threat!!!
  3. Bephie's Spray Water Bottle: "My hair is a big part of my ever changing hair styles. I make sure to keep my hair moisturized by keeping a spray bottle with distilled water and drops of Lavender oil on my long travels."
  4. Bephie's Door Knockers: "Keeping it Black girl classic with my Bephie X Nosesso door knockers. This is the official classic black girl starter pack."
  5. Chris' Bullet Blender: "I have become quite accustomed to my morning smoothies. I have a very specific recipe that I like everyday. No way I am finding this easy in Paris, so I roll with the bullet and buy the ingredients there."
  6. Portable wifi: "A must when traveling overseas. I have found that my phone is not always trusty when in other countries…enter the portable wifi. Hook it up with a local cellular carrier (10$) a day and I got wifi when ever and where ever I need."
  7. Chris' Track Dot: "My luggage has been lost twice in the last year and the last time was the last trip to Paris. As you can imagine when going to Paris for fashion week, I try to bring heat and most of my shit is not easily replaceable. So now I am going to track my suitcase."
  8. Bephie's Thom Browne Socks: "You can’t really get it right unless you have your socks to twist it up or cool it down."
  9. Bephie's Nosesso Double Sweater: "I love Nosesso and this sweater gives me an original look with it’s multiple sweaters and sweat shirts that are all sewn together. "
  10. Bephie's Headwrap: "Another way I protect my hair and keep a style is by keeping interchangeable Head wraps. This one is vintage with a 30’s flapper twist."
  11. Bephie's Sunglasses: "Jaques Marie Mage Sunglasses with the pink tint make me feel like I’m always in the sunshine."
  12. Bephie's Celine Pink Ballet flats: "Comfy shoes I like to wear on the plane. I feel like I’m barefoot when I wear them and they always fit in my over packed bags."