Our Homie Citizen Kane Is Featured in Flaunt Magazine!

No, not Orson Welles... ... Dennis "Citizen" Kane, the Brooklyn-based DJ and artist! Below is an excerpt of Flaunt Magazine's interview (by Maxwell Williams) with Kane to give you a sense of his work as a painter... and if you want to hear him behind the turntables, you can head out to Palm Springs, California on April 20th for "The Get Down Party"! But definitely have a look at the Flaunt article here. I have a picture of your painting ‘Sunday’ here in front of me. It’s interesting, with an image and some text. The quote is from The Thomas Crown Affair with Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen, where he plays a bank robber, and he decides he’s going to rob this bank, and she goes, ‘Don’t do this! Why are you going to do this?’ and he says, ‘Well what else are we going to do on Sunday?’ The drawing itself is a building in Queens. I used to buy the papers everyday and just go through them—The Daily News and The Times, but more The Daily News for its bad local stories. That was an apartment in Queens, where this successful stockbroker had put an ad in the paper for a maid, and had gotten this woman from Mexico, and chained her in the apartment, and kept her there for three months. He had her passport. The juxtaposition of intense.