ONLINE CERAMICS - Halloween 19

Yo! We’ve been carrying Online Ceramics for just a short time now and we never seem to be disappointed. Online Ceramics is done by the two talented friends Elijah Funk And Alex Ross. Last year when we tracked them down hoping that they would offer actual ceramics, only to find out we were a bit off. The two are from right here in Los Angeles and they don't make ceramics but instead super dope tripped out graphics. All graphics seemingly dreamed up in a crazy Acid drop state. Inspired by grateful dead, music, art, drug, and youthful energy. That being said, with it being halloween week we decided to get in the spirit for y'all. Only right we took a handful of shit and brought it to the pumpkin patch. Still some gear left you can check out here, other then that peep the photos below and stay up y'all. Peace Model: Jordan Johnson Photographer: Niko Delgado Photographer: Norman Lonh