One Giant Rock (Part 3)

Late late laaate last night (somewhere around 04:31 PST, about an hour later then its original ETA), the rock finally arrived its final destination, LACMA! Hundreds of people patiently waited to greet the rock as it crawled westbound on Wilshire Blvd. The transporter parked for a good 30-40 minutes in front of the museum to allow everyone there to get a good solid look at the machinery that was designed and constructed specifically to haul the rock and the rock itself, even though it was wrapped in plastic. While waiting for the rock to arrive, we experienced something really nice on the sidewalk... Angelenos were actually talking to one another whether or not they knew each other! If you live in the City of Angels and/or have visited, you know that this is a city of insulated people who live in their bubble of cars. Last night, you could hear people having conversations ranging anywhere between how great and silly it was to raise 10 million dollars for a piece of rock, to what constitutes art as art. The young, the old and everything in between including dogs and a fake Jesus were brought together as a community over an ordinary piece of matter that has yet to become a piece of art. Just past 04:00 the transporter made its final right turn onto Fairfax Blvd and through the gates of the museum. Come this summer the public will have a chance to experience for themselves the last and final phase of "Levitated Mass". PS... Wondering what that glowing green and red thing hovering in the air pictured above is? It was a drone that was filming the rock's every move. Scary ass shit, huh?!?! ** And again, sorry for the shitty photos... the excitement surrounding the whole event made our hands shaky.