Old Visvim Never Dies!


Union has been carrying Visvim for damn near 13 or 14 years now and I have been Visvim's self proclaimed biggest fan since day one. I would have to say the OLD VISVIM NEVER DIES just might be true...

Check the files below:


ok..this might be the exception to OVND rule. These are def top 5 my favorite Visvim shoe's of all time. Kudu Wallabees, come on?! I customized the laces to give it that POP! But yeah these are finally falling apart. Need to find another...vis2

I liked these so much had to get em for my wife too...HIS&HERS!


...another OG pair that may have seen better days. The Foley in a soft Kangaroo leather..again me with those red laces. Must have been a phase. Sad to say, my garage got a little mold in it and these guys fell victim...


another top 5...this one actually might be the top one. The Grizzly boot might really be my personal favorite boot of all time!!! Sad but true, I got FO pair A-Dem... Also love the fact that because the sole is so thick...you get an extra inch in height! When this boot first came out it was only available in EU, so real talk I ordered it from some store in Scandinavia...some shoe store that somehow got a Visivm account...don't think they are around anymore. I PAID RETAIL!!!


Random, but rare... tri-color gingham check Giza fabric chore coat in a shirting fabric. Still ahead of it's time and this piece is like 6 years old.

vis66 vis88

Best jacket ever...and there is a great story here. These are part of the now defunkt G line that Vivsim tried for a season or two. At the time, Gortex didn't allow people to do any washes to their fabrics in factory. So Hiroki and his team ended up hand washing all of the jackets at his crib. Each one of these might have been hand washed By Mr. Nakamura! When I saw these, it blew my mind. So much so that I WAY OVER ORDERED them. And at the time people just didn't get it....I think they retailed for like around $800. Imagine that and we ended up having to discount them. A lot of heads came up on this one!


Flocking on a dobby twill shirt...so fresh... vis11

this one is actually newer compared to the others...it just looks old...


umm...can you tell I love this shirt. it's falling apart...literally but she's still got some life in her. They might never be another one of these bad boys...been begging them to remake this shirt. Summer weight, Giza cotton, shirting fabric in a "Jungle" military shirt silhouette. MORE FIRE! Visvim SS07...FYI.


This is how Visvim used to do the catalogs for the buyers...

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