OAMC photo story: GQ Magazine


OAMC is very close band to our family here at Union. They represent everything we're about about whether it be streetwear, craftsmanship, culture or even the people at their team. A few days ago there head sales rep, Arnaud, stoped by the shop to educate us about the time and carefulness that goes into each piece they create and we're glad to see the guys over at GQ have noticed and Taken their hats off to them as well.

GQ and Luke from OAMC quoted: "The true challenge for any new brand comes in communicating the value of the product, especially when the aesthetic is new, and even more when that aesthetic and quality comes at a premium. OAMC shirts are in the $400-500 range, while coats can be as much as $3,600. "The frustrating thing is that you can't sit down with each customer and say, 'Okay, here's why'," Luke says. "And sometimes they might not even care. But I feel like if you execute many different details the right way in a piece, people may not know why they think a piece feels better, looks better, or lasts longer, but there's something there that they know makes it better."

Wearing: OAMC

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