OAMC - Overall Master Cloth

Chris Gibbs Diary, Editorials

As I am sure you all know by now OAMC is a line that my best friend Luke Meier has started. He invited me to help and I have been brought on as the "fashion director" NOT the creative director (a title that leaked out mistakenly). In essence this is the first real season (we had a small capsule last season) and we are extremely proud of our SS14 offering. What started as a Carhartt project (which it no longer is) has turned into something completely different and completely new. We use the workwear language, but more from the perspective of the design rationale (meaning the things were made a certain way because they worked best that way). All the while trying to make something from a fresh perspective. Our thought is that most "high fashion" comes from a rather "soft" perspective. We on the other hand want to do high fashion, but keep it tough. Nameen...

Well with no further adieu…I am proud to present the first drop of the SS14 season. Stay tuned for more as the season goes on….





OAMC Jacquard Crewneck, Leather Rubberized Belt, Radial Lo Kevlar



Purl Crewneck



Chest Stripe Chore Coat, Radial Lo Kevlar


Chest Stripe Chore Coat


Bandana Insert T-Shirt


Traditional Jacket Poplin



Pocket Shadow BD