Had to bounce to NYC for a quick one. 2 and out (pause). New York definitely ain't the NYC I left (it's actually a lot like LA right now, minus the cold weather) but it is still the center of the Universe. Went out there for a photo shoot for a shoe we are about to launch at the end of the month (shhhh...). Can't say anything about the shoe yet but we will be doing a big launch party for it soon. Anyways, I saw some good friends, some art, got fucked up and most importantly got to go back to what used to be my home. NYC SKYLINE SHOTS...just playing around with my new camera that does pretty cool panoramic shots. Night shots taken in a drunken stupor at the BOOM BOOM ROOM (great view)! Old Man greg, perving on the models at the Levi's Party. Whom ever hired the girl models for this party needs a raise. Job well done! Julia and Angelo @ Rubirosa...good eats in Nolita. Drinks and drunkeness at the Jane. Stayed in BK while I was there....home sweet home... Brooklyn is so hipster...even their post office's have been styled to look "American Trad". Before I left, I quickly bounced to my boy Jose's show. Great work! Last note...FUCK DELTA AIRLINES!